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Welcome to The Birdlife of Furman University, a web site devoted to recording the birds seen on Furman’s campus. This site was first constructed by Jeff O'Connell (Philosophy major, class of '09) as part of a Furman Advantage project begun in summer 2008. All pictures are Jeff's unless otherwise noted. This site provides a general overview of the species that have been seen on campus, along with information on other species occurring in the area. The information presented here is not intended to serve as a rigorous scientific account of exact migratory patterns or seasonal distributions. Rather, it is an introduction intended to inspire further interest in birds and conservation. As the first major link on the Campus as Habitat website, we also hope to stimulate an interest in the biodiversity around us. If you see any factual errors, or if you have any interesting sightings or pictures that you think would add to the web site, please email Dr. Wade Worthen of the Biology Department at wade.worthen@furman.edu.

Total Species Count: 124

The links listed below divides birds into eight main groupings. Click on the link to see the families and species within each grouping. Click on a species to see more detailed information about that species, including status and habitat preference. The status ranks bird populations according to the following scale: abundant (most prevalent), common, uncommon, occasional, rare (least prevalent). Status abbreviations refer to the seasons that each bird can be found on campus (SP=spring, S=summer, F=fall, W=winter). If you know a species' name, it may be easier to find through the Alphabetical Checklist

Water Birds, Shorebirds, and Kingfishers Birds of Prey Perching Birds Pigeons and Parrots
Crows and Jays Woodpeckers,
Nuthatches, and Creepers
Swifts, Swallows, and

Nightjars and Quail

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