Furman University - Campus as Habitat


As part of Furman University's "Campus as Habitat" project, Ben DeLancey (class of '11, pictured at right) began a formal survey of reptiles in summer 2010. Ben was supported with a Furman Advantage Research Stipend. This species list was developed from that survey, and from records of specimens in the Furman University Zoological Collection. If you take a picture of a species not shown below, please send your picture -- noting the date, time, and place -- to Wade Worthen (wade.worthen@furman.edu). Your picture will be added to our list as your observation.

Move the cursor over the name of a species, and a picture of that species will appear to the right.

C = specimen in Furman Collection
O = observed, no picture

otherwise photographed and released


Family Chelydridae (Snapping Turtles)

Family Kinosternidae (Mud and Musk Turtles)

Family Emydidae (Basking Turtles)

Family Polychridae (Anoles)

Family Phrynosomatidae (Spiny Lizards)

Family Teiidae (Racerunners)

Family Scincidae (Skinks)

Family Colubridae (Colubrid Snakes)

Family Viperidae (Vipers)

All pictures were taken by Ben Delancey, on site, unless otherwise noted