The Furman Forest

Furman Forest is a collaborative venture between The Nature Conservancy, Spartanburg Water System, Tryon Water Commission, the city of Landrum, and Furman University. The Nature Conservancy and the water districts each own approximately 500 acres of adjoining undeveloped property near Landrum, South Carolina. These property owners are concerned about the quality of the water in these watersheds, and they have enlisted the help of Furman University to study these ecosystems. Furman faculty and students will use this area as a research station for studies in environmental science, ecology, botany, and zoology. Through this research, we hope to catalog the species that are present and track changes in populations of special concern. In addition, we will be able to measure changes to the water quality that occur over time, in response to changing environmental conditions such as global warming or the decimation of hemlock by the hemlock woolly adelgid.

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