Phonetics and Linguistics

Linguistic Links
Links to many topics in linguistics, linguistics projects, and university linguistics departments.

Linguistics and Phonetics Worldwide
Extensive links page that offers links to academic institutions all over the world, networks and societies, publications, and databases concerning linguistics or phonetics.

The Eclectic Company
Links to several sites in languages and linguistics. Includes categories of links such as "Phonetics and Phonology," "History of English," and "The Chomskybot."

The International Phonetics Association
Information about the IPA (International Phonetic Alphabet) and offers archives of the electronic newsletter foNETiks. Charts showing the complete IPA as revised in 1993.

Linguistic Society of America
Information about the LSA--committees, membership, and linguistics programs. Especially helpful is the Fields of Linguistics section, which gives summaries on areas of linguistics such as History of Linguistics, Speech Sounds, and Linguistics and Literature.

What is Linguistics?
Conversational overview of linguistics, answering questions about linguistics, prehistoric language, dialects, Esperanto, and Eskimo words for snow.

Stirling University's Online Phonology Course
Walk-through tutorial that teaches a basic understanding of phonology. Information on phonemes: consonants, vowels, sound simplifications, stress and intonations, and more. Based on British "R.P." (Received Pronunciation).

British and American Vowels
Comparison of Present-Day American and British English vowels, with audio clips of each phoneme.

The Great Vowel Shift
A thorough treatment of the Great Vowel Shift, perhaps the most important series of sound-changes in English since its beginning. Animations and sound-files.

How to Pronounce GHOTI . . . and Why
This site succintly explains "How to Pronounce GHOTI" and gives information on the Germanic and Indo-European backgrounds of English.

Indo-European Phonetics
"A detailed description of the Indo-European phonetic system and the reconstruction of the Proto-Indo-European phonology" (from the site). Shows the phonetic origins of the Slavic languages and gives charts showing the consonants and vowels of Indo-European. Also provides root words that began in IE and their cognates in various European languages today.

Pronunciation from Encyclopedia Britannica,5716,4417+bin%5Fid,00.html
Shows diagrams of the position of the tongue in articulating Present-Day English vowels.

UCLA Speech Processing and Auditory Perception Laboratory
Pictures of vocal tract during articulation of speech-sounds, created by techniques of magnetic resonance imaging.

Department of Otolaryngology/Head and Neck Surgery, University of Washington, Seattle
Movies of the vocal cords during speech. These movies are MOV files of approximately 1 MB; they require a movie player (e.g., QuickTime) and take some time to download.

Roots of English: an Etymological Dictionary
Free, downloadable dictionary that traces the etymological history of the English vocabulary.

Wilton's Etymology Page
Etymologies for many unusual English phrases. Also includes a brief history of the English language and information about etymologies that are often erronously traced.

World Wide Words
Search to look up possible etymologies or meanings behind English words and phrases. Everything from common sayings ("Once in a blue moon") to British slang ("Telephone roulette") to seldom-used words like "Omphaloskepsis." Also included sections titled "Turns of Phrase," "Q&A," and "Weird Words."

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