Old English

Old English Pages
Georgetown University's Old English page. Links to sites for Old English art and language, and an extensive page with links to Old English texts online. Also has a link to the "englisc list," a forum for discussion in Old English.

Old English at the Univ. of Virginia
University of Virginia's site, containing an Old English tutorial titled "Old English Aerobics." Audio clips of Beowulf, the Battle of Maldon, and others.

Labyrinth Library: OE
Library for online Old English texts, specifically OE poetry and prose and modern compositions in Old English.

Modern English to Old English Vocabulary
Translation of many present-day words into their Old English counterparts.

Line-by-line translation of Beowulf from its original Old English to the Harvard Classics translation in Present-Day English. From the University of Toronto's library.

Old English Texts
Many Old English (Anglo-Saxon) texts available in electronic form-unfortunately, unlabeled except by filename. Go to the "aspr" directory and browse.

Battle of Maldon: PDE Translation
The Battle of Maldon translated into Present-Day English by Douglas B. Killings.

Battle of Brunanburh
Anglo-Saxon (Old English) and Present-Day English versions of the story The Battle of Brunanurh. Information about OE prosody and a glossary that defines difficult terms in each line of the Old English version of the poem.

The Dream of the Rood
The Dream of the Rood in its original Old English verse, and a Present-Day English translation by Douglas B. Killings.

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