Links to Links

Linguistic Links
Linguistics, linguistics projects, and university linguistics departments.

Linguistics and Phonetics Worldwide
Links to academic institutions all over the world, networks and societies, publications, and databases concerning linguistics or phonetics.

The Eclectic Company
Links to sites in languages and linguistics. Includes categories of links such as "Phonetics and Phonology," "History of English," and "The Chomskybot."

Old English Pages
Georgetown University's Old English page. Links to sites detailing Old English art and language and an extensive page of links to Old English texts online. Link to the "englisc list," a forum for discussion in Old English.

Renascence Editions
"An online repository of works printed in English between the years 1477 and 1799," including many works by Shakespeare and Spenser. Many links to other sites concerning Renaissance literature.

American Dialect Society
Information concerning the American Dialect Society and many links to pages discussing dialects and Present-Day English in general.

Your Dictionary
Links to many types of online dictionaries, including homophone, synonym, lexicographical, and etymological dictionaries and thesauri.

Fun Language Sites
Links to pun, word-play, and etymology sites, plus other valuable dictionary and linguistics links.


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