Early Modern English

Luminarium EME
Online texts of Renaissance literature, including works by More, Marlowe, Shakespeare, Spenser, de Vere and Lanyer.

Luminarium EME II
Online texts of 17th century literature, including works by Bacon, Donne, Jonson, Webster, Herrick, Herbert, and Milton.

Renascence Editions
"An online repository of works printed in English between the years 1477 and 1799," including many works by Shakespeare and Spenser. Many links to other sites concerning Renaissance literature.

University of Virginia's E-Text Center: Shakespeare
Access to the Globe's edition of Shakespeare's Complete Works (1866) and First Folio and early quartos. A "frames" format allows the Globe edition and the First Folio to be viewed side by side.

The Internet Shakespeare Editions
Extensive information about Shakespeare's life and times. Though this site has few works available, it has the old-spelling transcriptions of Cymbeline and Venus and Adonis.

Shakespeare Resource Center
Information about Shakespeare, what is and not known about his life; a synopsis of each play; information about Elizabethan England and The Globe theatre. Many helpful links to other Shakespeare sites.

Shakespearian Glossary
Early Modern English words used by Shakespeare with Present-Day English definitions.

The Great Vowel Shift
A thorough treatment of the Great Vowel Shift, perhaps the most important series of sound-changes in English since its beginning. Animations and sound-files.

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