Sheng Xiao





Study Abroad in China



Furman in China 2007

Supervisor: Kate Kaup;Program Director: Sheng Xiao

Co-Director of National Tour: James Leavell

Furman Program Coordinator: Becky Duckett

Suzhou University Coordinator: Chen Gao

Participants: John Candeto; John Clark; Phil D'Unger; Luxi Fang;

Kimberley Ghany;Nick Jones;Malory Lane;Michael McPhee;

Catherine Menge; Marc Opper;Rachael Parrish;Karolle Rabarison;

Brie Salmon;Lauren Swindell;Richard Upchurch;Laura Walter

When were we in China?

August 23--November 23,2007

Where did we go?

Shanghai, Beijing, Xi'an, Chengdu, Lhasa, Suzhou, Hangzhou, Nanjing

What did we do?

---Visited 11 UNESCO World Heritages (one third of all UNESCO World Heritages in China)

---Visited 5 top Chinese universities: Beijing University, Xi'an Jiaotong University, Sichuan University, Nanjing University and Zhejiang University

---Studied Chinese language, culture and economics at Soochow University for the fall term

---Took internships at Suzhou Museum, Kemet Co. Ltd, etc.


Furman's Study Abroad in China program started with a national tour. We toured the Temple of Heaven in Beijing.
We climbed the Great Wall.
The Forbidden City, the royal palace for Chinese emperors in Ming and Qing Dynasties.
Visiting Lenovo in Beijing, a rising Chinese multinational that acquired IBM-PC in 2005.
New product demonstration at Lenovo.
Corporate presentation about the past, present and future of Lenovo.
Visiting Beijing University, the most prestigious university in China.
At China Center for Economic Research, with Beijing University students
Prof. Yu gave us an insightful lecture about the Chinese economy at the China Center for Economic Reseach, one of the most important thinktanks in China.
Discussions with Beijing University students after the lecture.
Imperial lunch at the Beiha Park, a royal park in Qing Dynasty
"Let's use chopsticks to split the meat."
Noodle making demonstration.
After the Beijing roast duck banquet, everyone seemed to feel refreshed.
Visiting Xi'an Jiaotong University, one of the best universities in West China
At the Jinhe Economic Research Center in Xi'an Jiaotong University, getting ready for a lecture on Western development in China.
I introduced Furman University to students from Xi'an Jiaotong University.
Dr. Guo, the Academic Director of the Jinhe Economic Research Center, gave us a speech about economic development in West China.
Visiting the Terracotta Army, a world wonder, also a UNESCO world heritage in Xi'an.
With the Terracotta Army.
Learning to make noodles.
Taichi soup at the dumpling banquet--do you dare to taste it? (It actually tastes fantastic.)
Visiting Wuhouci Shrine in Chengdu, a shrine in memory of a legendary prime minister in the Three Kingdom era in China.
Chengdu Panda Breeding and Research Center.
Visiting Sichuan University, one of the best universities in West China.
Visiting E'mei Mountain, one of the four Sacred Buddhist Mountains of China, a UNESCO World Heritage.
Hello, little monkey of E'mei Mountain.
Potala Palace in Lhasa, Tibet.
Waiting for a ferry to take us to the oldest temple in Tibet, Samye Temple.
On the ferry to Samye Temple.
Visiting a Tibetan family.
Tibetan group dance.
Tibetan monks in front of the Jokhang Temple.
The banquet to celebrate the success of the national tour, with our outstanding national tour guide, Emily, from China Youth Travel Services.
Weekend tour in Huqiu Park, Suzhou.
Weekend tour in Suzhou Gardens, a UNESCO World Heritage.
Taking a traditional boat in Suzhou during a weekend tour.
Visiting a silk factory in Suzhou.
Visiting a silk factory in Suzhou.
"Let's make silk by ourselves."

Visiting Huaxi Village with Suzhou University students. Posed with the legendary Party Secretary of the village.

(More on Huaxi Village:

A bird's eye view of Huaxi Village, the "richest village in China."
A weekend tour to a tea factory in Longjing, Hangzhou, where the best tea of China comes from.
A weekend tour to a tea factory in Longjing, Hangzhou, where the best tea of China comes from.
During a weekend tour to Nanjing, we visited Nanjing--Johns Hopkins Center and met with Dr. Kiely.
Boating in Xuanwu Lake Park in Nanjing.
Farewell party at Suzhou. With Chinese instructors.

Farewell party at Suzhou. With Chinese instructors.