Searchable Index for Field Guide to the Moths of Eastern North America


The most-used print resource for identifying the moths of eastern North America has been the book of Charles V. Covell, first published in 1984 and re-published in updated form in 2005. The index of both versions, although extensive, does not include species names (as in the word luna, for the Luna Moth, Actias luna). And, of course, many classification changes occur as taxonomists learn more about the moths.

To address both of these concerns, this searchable database has been constructed. When you click on START A SEARCH, above, you will be given the opportunity to enter a moth's scientific name (not, at this time, its common name) and you will be given the page number(s) on which that name is used. The search will be accurate for either edition of the Field Guide. You can enter a name at any of the following taxonomic levels: family, subfamily, genus, and species. Since 2005 a number of names have been revised; as I become aware of such changes, the new names will be included even though they are not found in either version of the book.

The publication of this database has been graciously permitted by Charles Covell. A similar (but less inclusive) version of species names in the first edition of the Field Guide was produced and distributed privately by Hermann Flaschka in the 1990s. Send email to the author of this database, John Snyder, if you have a correction or suggestion.

The second edition of the Field Guide can be obtained through its publisher, the Virginia Museum of Natural History, at this web address: It is also available through or directly from its author, Dr. Charles Covell.