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Welcome to my Home Page and Web Site. Select from choices to the left or details about teaching and research. I am an Adjunct Professor of Biology. My interests are ichthyology and freshwater biology.

Furman University's Biology Department | Furman's River Basins Research Initiative |

I enjoy teaching field classes.

Photography is my hobby - Little Creek @ 2 mi from Furman Univ.

Freshwater Fishes of South Carolina by F.C. Rohde, R. G. Arndt , J. W. Foltz & J.M. Quattro, April 2009, 430 pp, ISBN 1570036802
"This is the most comprehensive book on the freshwater fishes of South Carolina ever done. The presentation is easy to follow and the contents form a wonderful combination of many resources: good keys and illustrations for identification, color photographs of each species, precise up-to-date range maps geared to river drainages and physiographic provinces, a glossary of terms, a helpful index, and an exhaustive bibliography. The informative history of ichthyology in South Carolina is an added bonus. The authors are to be commended for having produced the best book on this subject that I have ever seen."—Rudy Mancke, distinguished lecturer in natural history, University of South Carolina

If you are interested in freshwater fish, you can't live without this incredible book!, Posted July 30, 2009 on Amazon com - This book is an excellent reference book for any one interested in learning more about the freshwater fish found in South Carolina. I collect wild caught fish and haven't come across a fish that isn't found in this book. Beautiful pictures, great information, simple and effective system for identifying fish species.....a really comprehensive book. I have learned so much from it.